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Danganronpa: Interstellar Despair is a fangame based off of Danganronpa.

Okura Murasaki, the Super High School Level Counselor, awakes in a school alongside 15 other students to hone their talents for the world ahead of them. However, they soon discover that the school is millions of miles away from Earth, and the only way to return is to commit the perfect murder. How will they handle this second chance? Who will die before this chance is realized? Follow the story of Okura Murasaki on her journey to escape the Interstellar Killing School Life.

This is the prologue, which introduces the characters, setting, and killing game.

Previous knowledge of Danganronpa games is NOT required.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/dphk7a

https://forms.gle/R4ryapyZ9kUkBBmv9 Complete this survey after you play the prologue!

Install instructions

Extract the entire .zip folder, and run the file that has "application" type.

Also, keep going to the right of the pool and gym. You'll find another area with 2 more people. Sorry for the scavenger hunt...


interstellardespair_prologue.zip 27 MB


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its not letting me play due to the sdl.dll and sdlmixer dll not found.

I'm sorry for not knowing how to work around this issue. My best guess is to reinstall the file and try again. Apologies if it doesn't work.

I'm usually a pretty strict critic on things, but damn this was good, really good.  You have something very promising here, and I look forward to where it goes next.

P.S: Ichida is my favorite character so far from the moment he first spoke.

Thank you for the support!